Lead plating

General Details and Specification of lead plated Finish

Electro Loh can certify lead plating services to most company-specific lead plating specifications. A summary of lead plating services per MIL-L-13808 is provided below:

Benefits of lead plating

  • Lead is great in corrosive environments, such as dealing with strong mineral acids, much like sulfuric acid
  • Outstanding solderability
  • Ideal for use for electrical and electronic applications


Specs Thickness Comments
Type I: Without a preliminary copper coating No Copper Underplate: Lead may be plated directly on copper, brass or copper rich alloy surfaces. 
Type II With a 0.33um (0.000015 inch) minimum preliminary copper underplate For steel surfaces, the type II process with a preliminary copper coating should be used to obtain adequate adhesion and corrosion resistance.
Class I 25 um (0.001 inch) minimum lead plating thickness
Class II 13um (0.0005 inch) minimum lead plating thickness
Class III 6 um (0.00025 inch) minimum lead plating thickness