Passivation Treatment

General Details and Specification of Passivation Treatment

A process designed to remove foreign metals from the surface of stainless and corrosion resistant steels and help to promote natural tendency of surface to oxidize. Does not change the appearance of the base metal. Process purifies surface and therefore improves corrosion resistance.

Benefits of passivation

  • Surface Rust Removal
  • Removal of Surface Iron From Machining Process
  • Enhances Protective Passive Film
  • Good diffusion barrier
  • Suitable for either Rack or Barrel plating


Specs Thickness Comments
QQ-P-35C No dimensional change
Type II No dimensional change Medium  temperature  nitric acid solution  with sodium dichromate.
Type VI No dimensional change Low temperature nitric acid solution.
Type VII No dimensional change Medium  temperature  nitric acid solution
Type VIII No dimensional change Medium  temperature with high concentration of nitric acid.