Tin Lead 90/10 Coatings

General Details and Specification of Tin Lead 90/10 Finishes

Either a matte or bright luster is acceptable. Has excellent solderability. 0.0002" copper plate generally required on copper base alloys. No undercoating required on steel substrates unless otherwise specified.

Benefits of tin lead 90/10 plating

  • Tin lead melts at low temperatures.
  • Tin lead can be soldered easily by a wide variety of methods.
  • The alloys are relatively corrosion resistant.
  • The alloys are good electrical conductors.
  • The alloys are ductile and are not harmed by subsequent operations such as stamping.
  • The presence of lead stops the formation of tin whiskers.
  • Tin lead can be reflowed to further improve shelf life and most other properties.


Specs Thickness Comments
Optional composition 90/10 Sn-Pb Unless otherwise
Nominal 90% tin, remainder is lead (this composition only when specified).